CS Mediation specializes in the following areas: Communication — conflict resolution — mindfulness & empathy

Those three areas are closely linked with each other and in combining them it enables us to transform a conflict and explore solutions.
Transforming conflicts essentially means to set free their powerful and positive energy in order to use that energy constructively. Transformation means change - change of a perspective, for example, or a way of acting within a given circumstance. In order to make change happen, it requires the willingness to meet your Self with an open mind, as well as the people involved in the dispute.

Communication Skills

Would you like to learn how to communicate in a more authentic way, improve dialogue and connect with people on an easier and more direct level?

Conflict Competence

Would you like to be able to understand yourself better in times of conflict, learn about new ways to cope and explore these possibilities?

Mindfulness & Empathy

Would you like to engage with yourself and the environment around you in a more mindful and loving manner and bring more awareness into your daily life?

Trainings at CS Mediation:

  • practical approach
  • process-oriented with lasting
  • tailored to your specific personal needs
  • working nationally (Germany) as well as internationally; specialising in issues with an intercultural context
  • offered in German and English

You are interested in a training for yourself or as part of your company and would like further information?

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