Mediation for couples

Conflicts have a purpose in relationships. They offer the chance to grow together as a couple, getting to know each other over and over again. Of course, once we find ourselves in a conflict or challenging situation our outlook is probably bleak and clouded. Instead of opening up to the other person, we tend to shut down and shut the other person out. We develop unhelpful and destructive communication patterns that put more and more weight on our relationship. Being with each other becomes increasingly difficult. The day-to-day life may feel draining, costing too much energy – precious energy we’d like to preserve for other parts of our lives. In order to overcome a stagnant situation like this, a view from outside can be helpful.

CS Mediation supports you and your partner to look at your issues in a respectful and safe environment, encouraging you to come up and implement the best possible solutions.

You may live in a bi-national partnership and discover that your and your partner’s cultural background frequently lead to misunderstandings and conflict.

Possibly, the communication between you and your partner can additionally be challenged by the fact that both of you have to relate to each other in a second language - not being able to express yourself in your mother-tongue can be exhausting and frustrating. Life together as a bi-national couple comes with a special set of circumstances that can play a part when faced with any sort of conflict.

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