Business Mediation

Conflicts in the workplace are a very common occurrence - they tend to highlight the fact that the interests and needs of individuals are neglected or not being met at all.
Very often the consequences can be a lack in concentration and motivation, resulting in reduced effectiveness and compromised job-performance. Once the complications become too much and the situation unbearable, it may lead to the person's dismissal or them leaving the company.
In order to prevent such a breakdown, it is important to create an atmosphere where conflicts and needs can be addressed - a work climate that supports the best possible development and performance of the individual and invites an open dialogue. This, as a result, will be beneficial to the company's innovational spirit and get reflected in its success.

Mediation offers a secure space for establishing more clarity and provides a platform to address everyone's interests and needs. Solutions will be worked out together, ensuring this way that agreements are lasting and practical on a day-to-day basis.
CS Mediation offers guidance and support for interpersonal conflicts in companies, e.g. within teams, between employee and boss/ employer or different departments within one company.

Trainings and coaching are excellent additional tools for establishing a healthy and transparent culture around conflict. A new 'conflict culture' demands a revised awareness and understanding in how to deal with difficult situations.

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